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 Employer Branding important? Check your posted jobs!

Make sure your jobs show you are a professional

Time and time again we see organisations telling the world how important ‘employer branding’ is, but at the same never check their jobs posted on the job boards by their multiposter.

Sadely, not all multiposters are the same

Knollenstein customers know their jobs are posted with a professional layout, using the right job board criteria automatically and working apply links. With other multiposters it’s a different story with unprofessional layouts (wrong bullets, empty lines, wrong headers), missing or wrong criteria and surprisingly also a lot of apply links failing.

Top tip: check your posted jobs!

If your are using another multiposter it is critical to check your posted jobs for:

  • Can the job be found under the right criteria?
  • Is the layout professional? (wrong bullets, too many white lines, wrong headers, empty paragraphs)
  • Does the apply link work?

P.S.: These checks are not necessary if you use RecruitAnywhere to automatically post jobs to the job boards.

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