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The only fully automated multiposting system

  • Fast, professional and cost-effective
  • Fully automated job posting
  • The most user friendly system according to our clients
  • Jobs posted with all correct criteria with a minimum of effort
  • Specifically no use of job parsing
  • Professional layout of your jobs online
  • Much more cost-effective than other solutions
  • Technical support, always reachable by phone
  • Fast and easy set-up

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The revolutionary patented solution for mobile applications

  • Up to 40% more apllications
  • Have candidates apply with their job board CV from any mobile device
  • Works on existing application forms
  • CV uploaded quickly and application form automatically filled in
  • Mobile applications directly into your system
  • A minor adjustment to the apply link will do
  • No adjustments to your application form needed
  • Including retargeting for unfinished applications
  • Patented in several countries

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Post jobs faster with RecruitAnywhere

RecruitAnywhere is the easiest way to multi-post your jobs online.

Just login, enter the job details, select the channels to post to and RecruitAnywhere takes care of the rest. Your jobs are online within a couple of minutes.

Receive more job applications with ApplyAnywhere

Magically receive mobile applications with CV on your existing application form.

Knollenstein Technologies has developed a patented solution for mobile applications: ApplyAnywhere.

In addition, with ApplyAnywhere most fields in your application form are automatically filled in. Making it easy and fast for candidates to apply.


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