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 Main reasons organisations switch to RecruitAnywhere for multiposting

So why do organisations switch to Knollenstein multiposting?

User friendly system

Our technology has been developed with the recruiter in mind: spend less time and generate the best possible output on the job boards.

Tip: do you use another multiposting system? Think how much time you can save without the need to enter all the criteria for all job boards!

No job text parsing to guess your criteria

The job criteria you send to the job boards along with your job spec are used by candidates for searching jobs, so it’s very important these are correct. In the Knollenstein system you can connect / map your criteria to the criteria of the job boards beforehand so there is no need entering them per job and job board

Knollenstein does not use job text parsing to guess the criteria. Clients have told us that with this technique up to 30% of jobs are posted using the wrong criteria.

Tip: do you use another multiposting system? Check on the job board if the right and all criteria have been posted with your job!

Professional layout of your jobs

A lot of effort was put in by Knollenstein to make sure your job text attracts candidates. Your job text is cleaned and tidied up, bullet points are added where needed and excessive empty lines removed. Your candidates will notice the professional layout of you jobs.

Tip: do you use another multiposting system? Check on the job board itself if the layout of your jobs will attract candidates!

Posted jobs visible within 10 minutes

Jobs posted with Knollenstein are usually visible to candidates within 10 minutes (!). This is because jobs are posted using real time job board interfaces rather than job feeds. Besides the speed of the real time interfaces you are also assured the job is accepted by the job board, which is not always the case if jobs are posted using feeds.

Tip: do you use another multiposting system? Check if your jobs are posted fast enough (or at all).

Technical support staff you can reach by phone

Clients are very pleased with our technical support staff. We don’t have a ticketing system with waiting time or uncertainties, just a phone call or an email will suffice.

So there you have it. Would you also like to trade up and get all the benefits of RecruitAnywhere? Give us a call or send us an email and experience multiposting the RecruitAnywhere way.

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