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 The difference between fully automated and partially automated multiposters: ‘Check, check, done!’

If you have to enter or check additional criteria per job board on posting a job, you are working with a partially automated multiposter.

Are you satisfied with your partially automated multiposter?

Just think you could be working with a fully automated multiposter that does not require you to enter details per job board on posting a job (!).

Enter mappings per posting or just once?

Partially automated multiposters require you to map your criteria to each job board you are posting to for every posting. With a fully automated multiposter you only need to set this up once without the need to do this mapping per posting. Using the mapping tool you can adjust the mappings if needed.

What about guessing the criteria using job text parsing?

Some partially automated multiposters use job text parsing to make it look fully automated. However, in practice up to 30% of your criteria are misestimated by this parsing technology.

How many fully automated multiposters are there on the market?

Just one: Knollenstein Technologies b.v.

Also want to switch to Knollenstein’s fully automated multiposting?

Hundreds of organisations already benefit from the Knollenstein fully automated job posting system. And switching from a half automated multiposter to Knollenstein is easy: usually we get you up and running in two weeks.

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